Agro-QUINTA de s. gens

The vineyards

The vines are undoubtedly one of the ex libris of Agro Quinta de S. Gens, where the predominant grape varieties are Castelão, Baga and Trincadeira, in the red grapes, and Fernão Pires, in the white grapes.

Santos Delgado in 1926 in "Oddly Singular Wines" said: for the particularity of its soil, choice of its plants and method of its manufacture ... its products are really a presentation that enchants. Light, thin, hilarious, above all, these wines have such qualities and pleasures, which can at the same time excite the palate and sight. That is why everywhere they arrive, by right title they all have an appreciably singular esteem, appreciation and preference.

The Quinta de S. Gens produces the Brasonada wine (red, DOC) whose casts are the Castelão and Baga, which is a selected wine and matured in oak barrels, being deposited, already bottled in the cellars of the house, for rest, and only later is labeled and marketed in small batches. It also produces Brasonada (white, DOC) whose variety is Fernão Pires. It also produces the red wine - Agricultural Farm of S. Gens - regional in which the predominant caste is Castelão.

The Quinta de S. Gens contributes with its grapes to the manufacture of a historical wine - the Medieval of Ourém - made according to the handmade methods of the Monks of Cister for 9 séc. ago, from the white caste Fernão Pires, to which the caste was added, Trincadeira, producing a unique wine, in this region to accompany the delicious dishes of the typical gastronomy.

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